Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jebat but Tuah... Exclusive Concept

First concept of Jebat for my short comic portrays an invincible, vengeful, messy, rebellious yet visionaries character compare to the loyal Tuah and experimental fast brush ink style for the visual of the comic. Comment are highly appreciated.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Production log#4 for "The third"

Sorry for the delay,m sucky internet line make my youtube account haywire. Here are the latest update for "The Third".

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Red Day, done in 2005, painted in 2006, post in 2008, certificate in 2009

I almost screw up my SPM Bio paper for this comic, am I regret?

Actually no, feel bad to say this but I never like Biology, the subject make me feel like a mad doctor trying to cut frog and extract their heart and liver just threw it around the class, it fun back in the old good day but in the end of the day I smell like shit and it make me feel sorry for the frog that I killed for the sake of science (so called).

Recently, (last year) I try my luck on this piece by submitting it to Aniwow! Beijing 2008 for comic illustration category and surprisingly enough, this piece are officially selected for the festival and it make me feel sort of like worthy getting "C" for my Bio paper (even my additional math are better than my Bio paper).

Aniwow entry detail.

Jebat but Tuah...

Been thinking about this piece recently, about continuing this character design into a short comic for the new upcoming Peraduan Bakat Baru 2009 in Gempak Starz. It not my first attempt, back in 2004, I post my work once but... failed...

I build a short story (about 8 to 9) about the final duel between Tuah and Jebat where the main character will be Jebat instead of Tuah about their friendship, loyalty and duty to the Malacca Empire and how all of it sum up into a bloodshed that ended Jebat life. The story will be mainly focused of the betrayal of Jebat and why he gave his life to Tuah to end it. Feel free to post any suggestion on this, your comment are highly appreciated.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All simple monkeys with alien babies

Another post of my very old work, perhaps this monkey is my first 3d character in Maya.

P.S; Been listening to Marilyn Manson lately, that explain the title of the post.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Years in the making...

Holy crap!!!

I just realize that it have been a month (or two and maybe since last year) that i stopped doing my personal project after a friend of mine ask me;

"Charuk, mana komik yg kau cakap dulu (2 years ago)?"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Production log#3.4 for "The third"

Final sub-post for log #3, production log #4 coming up soon.