Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Red Day, done in 2005, painted in 2006, post in 2008, certificate in 2009

I almost screw up my SPM Bio paper for this comic, am I regret?

Actually no, feel bad to say this but I never like Biology, the subject make me feel like a mad doctor trying to cut frog and extract their heart and liver just threw it around the class, it fun back in the old good day but in the end of the day I smell like shit and it make me feel sorry for the frog that I killed for the sake of science (so called).

Recently, (last year) I try my luck on this piece by submitting it to Aniwow! Beijing 2008 for comic illustration category and surprisingly enough, this piece are officially selected for the festival and it make me feel sort of like worthy getting "C" for my Bio paper (even my additional math are better than my Bio paper).

Aniwow entry detail.


  1. haha
    dude, i get D for my bio. Too much dota :D

    anyway i know this is late but congrats!
    me like the red

  2. thank you, we all got our own reason... hahaha, still I hate Bio